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Casa Vacanze Gli Oleandri, in conformity with Decree n°196/03, normative n° 13, declares that the data here received has the finality of registering the eventual users and providing them with an information service. This data will be exchanged electronically and always under the protection of the above mentioned law. The data can be communicated to subjects relative to the services required by the user and can only be diffused in the ambit of the requirements made. It is in no way obligatory to confer this data, and the eventual refusal to compile the booking module will bear no consequences other than that of rendering impossible the information service. The eventual user will be covered by the rights explained in normative n° 7 of the decree n°196/03; we also notify that any data considered inexact will not be taken into consideration until rectified. Personal data will be dealt with by Francesco Vallorani Casa Vacanze gli Oleandri, Via di Monte Olivo, 17D 19C - 50051 Castelfiorentino FI ITALY.